Quebec has a long history of rugby and is well-known for its diverse sports culture. For many years, Quebec has drawn numerous rugby heavyweights to the province, and many of
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Is CBD Banned In Sports? – The Answer will Shock you

Sports, especially activities like running and jumping, put a lot of strain on your body. This can have both good and bad effects. When you train, it helps your body get better and perform well. But if you push too hard, you can hurt yourself and end up with painful injuries. Some ways to manage the pain can be harmful in the long run. That’s why many athletes and fitness fans are trying natural dietary supplements like CBD (short for cannabidiol) to ease their pain. So, is CBD banned in sports?
CBD comes from hemp, and it…

Discovering the Benefits of Vaping for Rugby Players

Rugby is an intense and physically demanding sport that requires peak performance from its players. The pursuit of better performance, improved recovery, and enhanced overall well-being have led athletes to explore various methods to gain a competitive edge.
In line with this, vaping has emerged as a subject of interest in the sport. While the broader debate surrounding vaping continues, it actually offers potential benefits of vaping for rugby players. If you want to know what is vg in e juice and how it …

Unforgettable Moments During the Rugby World Cup

There are astonishing, funny, or dramatic performances that were recorded during the Rugby World Cup. Here are some of them:
1. Tukudzwa Ngwenya ran past the world’s fastest runner (2007)
During a competition between South Africa and the USA, Tukudzwa managed to outrun Bryan Habana, thereby shocking everyone including Bryan himself. Though this move did not make the USA win, it was enough to be an unforgettable moment.
2. Jonah Lomu defeated the English defense with ease (1995)
Jonah Lomu, a New Zealander…

Canada’s Women’s Rugby Team Head Coach to Stay in the Program Until 2025

Kevin Rouet, who is the head coach for Canada’s women’s rugby team, signed a contract on April 14, 2023, that will enable him to extend his stay in the program until the 2025 Rugby World Cup tournament ends.
Before he became the head coach on March 2022, Rouet was the assistant coach of Canada’s senior women’s program. During this time, Rouet was able to make Canada’s Women’s Rugby Team attain the third-place honor during the Rugby World Cup in 2021.
Moreover, Canada emerged victorious against Australia and the United States during the Pacific Four Series competitions in 2022. After this, Rouet’s team headed to …

Canada’s Men’s Seven Team Experience in Singapore

Canada was competing with Kenya where Max Stewart was able to score the first points. However, Kenya started responding rapidly and increased their score to 21-7 up to the second half of the game. After captain, Phil Berna managed to bring Canada back on track within the first few periods, but at the end of the game, the score was in favor of Kenya, having gathered 28-14.
Fortunately, this was not the end of Canada’s Men’s Seven Team as they became winners when competing with Hong Kong China. Three conversions between Thomas Isherwood, Stewart, and Brennig Prevost are what made Canada take the win with a score of 26-5.

How to Start Engaging in Rugby Union

For beginners who want to engage in Rugby Union, they are first introduced to other forms of the sport. The most common one is touch rugby, which requires players to tag other players thereby enhancing their catching and running skills without the need for tough physical contact.
Tag rugby is also a perfect form of the game for beginners. Here, players need to remove the tag attached from the player that is carrying the ball.
Getting Involved in Rugby Union
The best part about rugby union is that it can be played by anyone, without looking at age, sex, or size. To get involved, you can simply google …

Beginners Tricks and Tips for the Rugby League

If you are a beginner, perfecting the skills that are required to play the sport effectively can be a challenging task. Moreover, playing by the rules can take time if you do understand them. For this reason, we have gathered some tips for rugby league starters. Check them out below:
1. Don’t forget to wear protective gear
Typically, wearing protective gear can help promote fewer injuries as rugby is a rough sport. For this reason, you need to protect your body always. The most essential protection equipment are mouthguards and headgear but you can also include forearm guards, Achilles and calf protectors…