Our mission

About us

About us

RUGBY QUEBEC_logo_1C_CMYKFédération de Rugby du Québec (Rugby Québec) is a non-profit organization. It gathers regional associations and rugby clubs from all over the province.

The Federation works with the ministère de l’Éducation, World Rugby, and Rugby Canada.

The Federation is present in most regions and is involved with players of all ages categories.

Statistics (2015)
Affiliated clubs 25
Regional associations 12
Members 2406                          
School members 4309
Occasional players more or less 79


SAB vs Ottawa Irish, 2014Our mission

Rugby Québec focuses on the initiation, recreation, competition, and performance. This mission translates into the following objectives:

  • Promote sport and good health
  • Encourage and develop rugby practice
  • Organize rugby competitions at the provincial level
  • Consolidate the presence of regional associations and rugby clubs in Quebec
  • Develop performant players and clubs

Our services

Our services

The Federation regulates rugby practice in the province. More specifically, this goal is reflected in:

  • Promotion of rugby through our communication tools and initiation activities;
  • Organization of training for referees and coaches under NCCP’s and World Rugby’s standards;
  • Management of the Ligue provinciale de rugby;
  • Insurance coverage for members;
  • Teams Quebec supervision.