Player Developement

Start playing rugby

Start playing rugby

Easy to practice and affordable, rugby is growing in popularity. New players are joining clubs every year… and it’s never too late to start! Non-contact variations of the sport also exist for kids.

To join a club or introduce your children:

  • Contact a club near you
  • Join an initiation day organized by Rugby Quebec or a club.

Contact us for more information.

Consult World Rugby Beginners guide to rugby for a good overview of the sport.

Rookie Rugby program

rookie_rugbyRookie Rugby is a good way to initiate kids to rugby. Easy to play, it’s perfect for clubs and community organization.

Visit official Rookie Rugby website for more information or to start your program in your club/region.


The Long Term Rugby Development

The Long term rugby development document (LTRD) aims to ensure a harmonious development of the players from birth to adulthood.

It seeks to maximize the athlete potential, without putting aside his well-being and fun.

Rugby Canada has adopted this plan in 2007 and is overseeing the initiative since.

For more information, please consult this document.

















National Key Themes

The aim of the National Key Themes Resource, which is tailored towards males and females aged 11-16, is to highlight the benefits to all coaches and players and support its implementation into club and school training sessions. The resource is further supported by professional development workshops offered across the country.

The National Key Themes resource identified four areas of the game that would see country wide improvement if developed and focused on:

  1. run, catch and pass,
  2. ball out of contact,
  3. tackle technique and tracking
  4. breakdown and clearout