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Before your training, please complete the following World Rugby certificates:

Rugby Ready

Laws of the Game (Not required for Level 1)

World Rugby concussion management


Once complete and before your training, save your certificates and send them to



The different training options are divided into two paths, community and competitive.

For more information, visit and Rugby Canada website.

Community Initiation (Level 1)
This training is for parents, teachers, and coaches involved with athletes.

Rugby Canada recommends that all coaches attend this training (or higher level) before getting involved with athletes.

This training is part of stage FUNdamental of Long Term Rugby Development (LTRD).

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Competition Introduction (Level 2)
This training is for high school and clubs coaches, involved in a competitive environment.Before registration, you must have a prior understanding of rugby, either as a coach or as a former player.

This training is part of stage Training to train and Training to compete of  LTRD.

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Competition Development (Level 3)
This training is for senior and provincial coaches and national team assistant coaches.The players are trained to improve their basic skills and game tactics for inter-provincial and national competitions.

This training is part of stage Training to compete and Training to perform of LTRD.

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Competition High performance (Level 4 and 5)
This training is for national team coaches.This certification is under the direction of the National Coaching Institutes (NCIs).

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The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) developed the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) for its members.

Offered in both official languages, the NCCP is one of the best training programs for coaches.

NCCP workshops are designed to meet the needs of people involved with the community and those with higher responsibilities at the provincial or national level.

One of the largest adult education programs in Canada, the NCCP has trained more than one million coaches since its inception.

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