LPR Committee

The committee is composed of four (4) people:

  • A member of Rugby Quebec Board
  • One EORU representative
  • One representative (category 1) from Super Ligue M / Provinciale 1 M /Super Ligue F
  • One representative (category 2)from Provinciale 2 M / Provinciale 3 M / Development M /Provinciale 1 F/Development F

The committee is consulted and emits recommendations for the following matters:


Competitions organization and schedule:

Regulations and divisions:                          

LPR Rules and eligibility:                           

Health and safety:                                         

Other consultations:       


 2017 LPR Committee – senior
Name                                 Position
Steve Macneil EORU (Eastern Ontario Rugby Union) Representative
Gaël Dulude Rugby Québec Representative
Laurent Lenoir Clubs Representative
Tess Kelley Clubs Representative