Beginners Tricks and Tips for the Rugby League

If you are a beginner, perfecting the skills that are required to play the sport effectively can be a challenging task. Moreover, playing by the rules can take time if you do understand them. For this reason, we have gathered some tips for rugby league starters. Check them out below:

1. Don’t forget to wear protective gear

Typically, wearing protective gear can help promote fewer injuries as rugby is a rough sport. For this reason, you need to protect your body always. The most essential protection equipment are mouthguards and headgear but you can also include forearm guards, Achilles and calf protectors, bicep guards, and lightweight jerseys.

2. Start practicing using other similar games

In case you feel overwhelmed by the rough physical contact involved while playing rugby, you may start off by playing other similar games including touch football, eagle tag, Oz tag, tag rugby, and flag rugby. As the names suggest, these types of games require players to either touch or tag other participants instead of tackling.

3. Keep practicing your catching and kicking skills

Kicking and catching are both essential skills while playing rugby. For kicks, you can try to practice different types of kicks in an enclosed space that prevents you from going back and forth for the ball after every kick.

On the other hand, you can try to find a training mate who will help you advance your catching skills. Both of you get to kick and catch the ball as well as train on some long or short passes.

4. Practice your tackling

If you are going to tackle your opponents, it is essential that you commit to it, since you may easily get injured if you do not use an ideal technique. You can practice on this using big bags, and while on the field, you can try aiming for the thighs or waist.

5. Your strengths can allocate you to the right position

If your strength is speed, then the wing position is perfect for you. Moreover, the stand-off position is ideal for players who are excellent at kicking while strong participants are perfect for tackling.

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