Canada’s Women’s Rugby Team Head Coach to Stay in the Program Until 2025

Kevin Rouet, who is the head coach for Canada’s women’s rugby team, signed a contract on April 14, 2023, that will enable him to extend his stay in the program until the 2025 Rugby World Cup tournament ends.

Before he became the head coach on March 2022, Rouet was the assistant coach of Canada’s senior women’s program. During this time, Rouet was able to make Canada’s Women’s Rugby Team attain the third-place honor during the Rugby World Cup in 2021.

Moreover, Canada emerged victorious against Australia and the United States during the Pacific Four Series competitions in 2022. After this, Rouet’s team headed to New Zealand where they won again after competing with Italy, the United States, and Japan. Their entire performance in New Zealand enabled them to become the world’s top-ranked team as well as achieving a bronze medal after competing with France.

Another game of the Pacific Four Series that was held in 2023, allowed Rouet’s team to defeat the United States under a score of 50-17. Every achievement of Canada’s Women’s Rugby Team is believed to be brought about by Kevin Rouet who has always supported the team in every possible way.

As of now, the team is waiting for their march against Australia and New Zealand, for the 3rd and 4th rounds of the overall competition.

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