How to Start Engaging in Rugby Union

For beginners who want to engage in Rugby Union, they are first introduced to other forms of the sport. The most common one is touch rugby, which requires players to tag other players thereby enhancing their catching and running skills without the need for tough physical contact.
Tag rugby is also a perfect form of the game for beginners. Here, players need to remove the tag attached from the player that is carrying the ball.
Getting Involved in Rugby Union
The best part about rugby union is that it can be played by anyone, without looking at age, sex, or size. To get involved, you can simply google …

Beginners Tricks and Tips for the Rugby League

If you are a beginner, perfecting the skills that are required to play the sport effectively can be a challenging task. Moreover, playing by the rules can take time if you do understand them. For this reason, we have gathered some tips for rugby league starters. Check them out below:
1. Don’t forget to wear protective gear
Typically, wearing protective gear can help promote fewer injuries as rugby is a rough sport. For this reason, you need to protect your body always. The most essential protection equipment are mouthguards and headgear but you can also include forearm guards, Achilles and calf protectors…

Tips to Help You Coach Rugby Better

Playing rugby can be challenging and dangerous since it involves physical contact. Therefore, it is essential to make rugby a fun activity and this is where great coaching comes in.
If you are a coach who wants to turn rugby into an enjoyable sport, then here is a list of what you need to do:
1. Include fun games in your coaching sessions
Including side games while training can allow your students to have fun whilst impacting them with some rugby-related skills. For instance, a game like 3 v 1 v 2 rotation allows players to enhance their running, support lines, and passing accuracy.