How to Start Engaging in Rugby Union

For beginners who want to engage in Rugby Union, they are first introduced to other forms of the sport. The most common one is touch rugby, which requires players to tag other players thereby enhancing their catching and running skills without the need for tough physical contact.

Tag rugby is also a perfect form of the game for beginners. Here, players need to remove the tag attached from the player that is carrying the ball.

Getting Involved in Rugby Union

The best part about rugby union is that it can be played by anyone, without looking at age, sex, or size. To get involved, you can simply google for local or nearest clubs. In case you are in College or University, there is a wide possibility that there is a rugby team in the residence. Therefore, this means that there is always a place for anyone to start engaging in rugby union.

Are there any fitness and health benefits of engaging in rugby union?

After a schoolboy invented rugby, other nations began embracing the sport. As of now, rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world with 100+ countries involving bother women and men in the sport.

But in case you are wondering if playing rugby has any health benefits, then you can check out the following list:

  • Since rugby requires throwing and tackling skills, players need to have muscular strength, which in return provides them with a powerful upper body.
  • Your hands and feet require catching and running skills respectively, thereby enhancing flexibility.
  • Rugby can improve the leg muscles as scrums and running require strong leg muscles.
  • Lastly, rugby can help enhance your cardiovascular system since it requires players to have powerful lungs and a heart so that the muscles can receive oxygen rapidly.

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