Definition of Rugby

Rugby is one of the most advanced sports in the world that has been around for over 100 years. The best part about rugby is that it does not have any preferred participants, which means that it is an ideal sport for any gender, background, shape, age, or size.

Here is everything you need to know about Rugby.

A Brief History Of Rugby

Rugby began in 1823 after William Webb Ellis, a 16-year-old student from England, defied the regulations of soccer where he used his hands to pick up the ball and then ran across the field towards the goal.

This small act is what formed the well-known rugby sport in 1871 at a London pub. Later on, the very first world cup was hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987, which became a massive breakthrough in Rugby’s development.

The Basics of Playing Rugby

There are normally 15 players on each rugby team. Moreover, the game ball nearly resembles a soccer football only that it is much larger and water-resistant for easier gripping.

There are numerous ways of scoring in a rugby game but the most common one is when a player carries the ball and runs toward their opponent’s goal to score. Grounding the ball on the opposition’s goal line awards the players with 5 points.

Other methods of scoring in rugby include:

  • Conversion: If players score after grounding the ball at the goal line, they can also attempt to kick the ball above the crossbar and then through the rugby uprights, thereby earning them 2 points.
  • Drop goal: If a player is carrying the ball, they can also drop it and try to kick it with their legs towards the opposition’s goal. Scoring awards the team with 3 points.
  • Penalty: At times, a particular team can gain a penalty, which allows them to kick the ball and gain 3 points.

Types of Rugby

Believe it or not, rugby is an all-inclusive sport, meaning that anyone can participate. The following are different types of Rugby to allow you to choose what suits your needs and preferences:

1. Rugby 7s

This type of rugby uses 7 players on either side. It is perfect for attracting new spectators since it is fun to watch as the players show off their skills, fitness level, speed, and passing.

2. Masters rugby

Masters rugby involves players that are over 35 years old. Its main goal is to ensure that older people get to play their favorite sport even if they are unable to play or train harder like they were accustomed to.

3. Traditional rugby

This is normally referred to as Rugby XVs or 15s. It is the most famed type of rugby that requires both physical strength and athleticism of each of the 15 members of every team.

4. Touch rugby

If you are a beginner in rugby, then this type of rugby is probably the best choice for you. It normally requires you to simply touch your opponent’s clothing, ball, or any body part instead of tackling them.

The best part about it is that no skills or previous experience is required and any gender or age can participate.

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